Curious business professional with a passion for the information security landscape & a challenger mentality

Disciplined security product manager. Aspiring “Level 5 Leader” with program management, business development, and start-up experience. Proven comfort level driving strategic business initiatives and interacting with corporate leaders. Solid understanding of information security, cloud computing, threat management, and risk management landscapes. Design thinker, content author, collateral creator, analysis conductor, contract originator, relationship management guru, and mentor. Extremely efficient work ethic. Excellent presentation skills. Customer obsessed. Team player. Future executive.


Technical Knowledge Includes: Information security fundamentals, security controls, NIST CSF Framework, GDPR, FAIR Ontology, cloud computing, red hat, AZURE, AWS, blockchain, SIEM, log monitoring and management, incident response, threat hunting, fundamental digital forensics, database management, IT Project Management, enterprise architecture, Linux, Windows, MS Office 365, Power BI, Project, Visio, Confluence.