Blockchain & International Political Economics

Blockchain & International Political Economics

Hi Everyone,

I just wrote a paper on blockchain and international political economics for my MBA program. Please check it out! 

Abstract: Cryptocurrency is a trailblazing digital technology that has unleashed the ability to drastically transform the policy and procedures concerned in domestic and international banking, commerce, and regulation.  Developed by sudo – “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2008, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that facilitates the connection of billions of individuals around the world and constructs a new decentralized, globalized, digitized economy. Nakamoto’s framework for this peer-to peer-network and global economy has become known as “blockchain technology.” 

The introduction to Nakamoto’s transparent, verifiable platform for trading value kickstarted a new movement of decentralized power in regard to currency, trade, wealth, property and individual liberties. This paper provides a brief overview of (1) the significance of cryptocurrency, (2) Bitcoin/blockchain technology, (3) alternative use-cases for blockchain, (4) aid for the unbanked economy/groups w/ blockchain, (5) ideas how blockchain can improve the global economy, and (6) adoption implications for blockchain in the international political economy.

To actualize these economic modifications, mass adoption of blockchain as a technology standard is pinnacle! Global citizens will need to renovate the way they function in conjunction with how they generate/store/trade value. Though blockchain technology offers a multitude of advantages, mass adoption and tenure is yet to be determined. This report explains the value of blockchain currently and delves into the future opportunities of a blockchain enabled international political economy. Though I attempted to take an objective approach to research, I strongly advocate for the global adoption of blockchain technology and opportunities it holds for the world economy.

Keywords: blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, cryptoeconomics, globalization, international political economics, political economy, training, commerce, empowerment,

Full Paper Attached Below.


Jake & Brittany Take the Sky


Still feeling the tailwinds in my hair from our jump last week... What an incredible experience taking my best "high schooler" friend for a skydive adventure! I am now "in-the-know" about a standing skydiver joke. Once you are on the ground they ask, "why we fell out of perfectly good plane?"  

And that, we did!  Ha ha! Now, you're in on the inside too!

Jake and I are both ecstatic about how it went! Actually, we thought we would be A LOT more terrified on the way up. The fifteen minute climb to 13,500ft only felt like a few minutes. After we dropped our first set of jump-mates of at 7,000ft - things got real, FAST!

NERVES OF STEEL!! Or so, we told ourselves...

It seemed as though only a minute past, then I was sitting on the edge of a plane for the very first time. I asked my lead to push me out of the plane, because I thought that I might freeze once it became my turn. But, I was filled with excitement, much to my surprise. Now, I am not sure I needed a push? It was more like, "Bing, Bang, BOOM".. and we were off! 

Nothing compares the feeling of freefall at 185 mph for a minute straight! First, it feels like a quick Disneyland "freefall ride". You lose your stomach for about 3 seconds. Then, freedom sets in! Though you are falling SO SO fast, things actually slowed down for me.. Introspection began. 

I began to think about how lucky I was to have this opportunity, to see the state of WA from a view most community members will never have the chance to, a true view from the top. I thought about how fortunate I was to have my friend Jake (who is basically a little brother) who has the nerve to jump with me. And, I realized how blessed I am to have the guts to jump myself. Some people just can't do it! Also, I could not help but smile and laugh.. the entire time. I can not remember the last time I was so HAPPY!!! 

People say you can't have a bad time on a jet ski... The truth is: skydiving is WAY more fun!

We had an super smooth landing, we were able to "stick-it" like a gymnast! All the cred to the gentlemen navigating my rig, his name was Vlad.

Jake and I could not have had a better time comparing our individual free falls. He jumped first and his lead pulled his shoot while I was still in free fall. He said that he saw me shoot by him like a rocket, which.. totally freaked him out! How such a strange feeling to see one of your friend rocket though the sky? 

All-around, it was a AMAZING day! I felt that I achieved something spectacular and I had the chance to share this same happiness with my great friend. If you have not had the chance to "fall out of a plane," I highly recommend it!

I don't think it is possible to skydive without a smile on your face the entire time! : ))


P.S. Sorry for the lame YouTube music, I wanted Led Zeppelin.. Apparently, using their tunes is "pirating." 

Hello, World!


Great to meet you! Thanks for checking out my website. I've finally have things locked and loaded. I'm very excited to share my world with you. More content to follow. Stay tuned!