Blockchain & International Political Economics

Blockchain & International Political Economics

Hi Everyone,

I just wrote a paper on blockchain and international political economics for my MBA program. Please check it out! 

Abstract: Cryptocurrency is a trailblazing digital technology that has unleashed the ability to drastically transform the policy and procedures concerned in domestic and international banking, commerce, and regulation.  Developed by sudo – “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2008, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that facilitates the connection of billions of individuals around the world and constructs a new decentralized, globalized, digitized economy. Nakamoto’s framework for this peer-to peer-network and global economy has become known as “blockchain technology.” 

The introduction to Nakamoto’s transparent, verifiable platform for trading value kickstarted a new movement of decentralized power in regard to currency, trade, wealth, property and individual liberties. This paper provides a brief overview of (1) the significance of cryptocurrency, (2) Bitcoin/blockchain technology, (3) alternative use-cases for blockchain, (4) aid for the unbanked economy/groups w/ blockchain, (5) ideas how blockchain can improve the global economy, and (6) adoption implications for blockchain in the international political economy.

To actualize these economic modifications, mass adoption of blockchain as a technology standard is pinnacle! Global citizens will need to renovate the way they function in conjunction with how they generate/store/trade value. Though blockchain technology offers a multitude of advantages, mass adoption and tenure is yet to be determined. This report explains the value of blockchain currently and delves into the future opportunities of a blockchain enabled international political economy. Though I attempted to take an objective approach to research, I strongly advocate for the global adoption of blockchain technology and opportunities it holds for the world economy.

Keywords: blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, cryptoeconomics, globalization, international political economics, political economy, training, commerce, empowerment,

Full Paper Attached Below.