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I am a Senior Offering / Product Manager at IBM Security. My team drives and builds managed security service offerings in the threat management space.

I love building and evangelizing game changing tech products and services. My Cybersecurity MBA program has afforded me the business management acumen & technical skills to be an impactful leader

I tend to lead by asking questions. I aim to listen intently and communicate effectively. I am passionate about solving problems, learning new things, & sharing my gifts. 

What I have Achieved

  1. Awarded ISACA-PSC Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) Scholarship, Spring (2017).

  2. Consistently obtained the Dean’s List, Seattle Pacific University, School of Business & Economics, (2015-2017).

  3. Selected for Management Leadership Mentoring, Tempered Networks, Executive Mentor Rich Hurst, VP Human Resources/Talent/Culture.

  • Recognized for unprecedented growth by 4 executives in 2017 (TNI).

  • Developed channel partner relationships- 60% of sales (TNI).

  • Attained 65% of new business opportunities from Fortune 1000 companies (TNI).

  • Authored, presented, & managed marketing campaigns (TNI).

  • Successfully initiated new business - cultivating/qualifying/developing (TNI).

  • Provided right-hand support to Microsoft’s top female leader (PLJ).

  • Lead sourcing, hiring & contract negotiation (PLJ).

  • Developed cost management analysis, activity-based monitoring system, & streamlined spending plan (PLJ).

  • Built strong rapport w/ key influencers (PLJ).

  • Maintains confidence & protects all sensitive information/data (PLJ).


Brittany is one of the most effective Business Development folks I‘ve worked with in my career. She has the unique ability to engage w/ C-level and other Senior Level Managers and within a brief window of opportunity effectively convey a complex value prop to garner enough interest to take the engagement to the next level. From cradle to closure, Brittany supported me within all phases of the sales cycle and could handle important meetings in a pinch.

Brittany has excellent management skills and used those skills to effectively nurture established relationships, as well as initiate new productive relationships from both a direct end user and channel perspective. She consistently was up to the challenges of a start-up environment, always finding a way to attach to bottom line performance by helping to deliver productive opportunities. She will be an asset to any organization that she works with, and is bound to develop into a fearless leader.
— David Chlapowski Regional Sales Manager at Tempered Networks
Brittany is one of the most positive, outgoing people I’ve worked with in a long time. She can strike up a conversation with anyone, about practically anything, and she’s genuinely interested in learning all aspects of our business. She put in the time and effort to really get what we are doing here, how it benefits people, and how it is unique. That translated into some great opportunities
— Bryan Skene VP Product Development at Tempered Networks
One of my favorite things is to see talented people move into our organization. Brittany came to us brand new to this field and really showed work ethic and creativity. I can’t wait to see what she does in her career. If you are looking for a great sales person, I would put her in front of anyone. She is fearless and totally class.
— Rich Hurst VP HR/Talent at Tempered Networks
What struck me about Brittany is her motivation to learn as much as possible and her curiosity about new technology. Early on she sought out knowledgeable individuals for technical briefing. She quickly integrates new information into her understanding of products, markets and technology related to he work and applies that to her sales and marketing approach to technically complex networking subject matter. Brittany consciously uses information learned on the job to enhance her education and use information learned through her degree program to be more effective at her job.

Brittany is also very personable and outgoing and brings that ease to the workplace, making her a joy to work with.
— Mike Viles Director of Technical Operations at Tempered Networks
I had the privilege of working with Brittany. She is proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically sound employee. Brittany is always ready to put all her focus to get the job done right. She has an exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skills in security technologies. Brittany is a great asset to any company.
— Thomas Kee Principal Engineer at Tempered Networks
Brittany and I were on the same team at Tempered Networks. I’ve been very impressed with the speed with which she could quickly absorb, process and articulate the value of highly-technical solutions. Combined with her solid work ethic.. She was dedicated to learning and growing in order to excel in her role and take care of customers and prospects. I found Brittany to be very loyal and hard-working and would highly recommend her skills for organizations looking to increase their revenue through a sales driver with a “hunter” mentality!
— Tom Johnson - Technology Sales Executive